Babies stay in touch with his mother an optimum temperature. 
Greater stability of his vitals. 
Mayor sleep period and better quality.
Promotes breastfeeding and stimulation of breast milk. 
Improves heart rhythm.
Normalizes breathing rate. 
Reduction of nosocomial infections (health care) in premature infants admitted.
Improves digestion reducing the risk of colic. 
In medical tests they perceive less pain.

Psychological and emotional:Strengthens the emotional affective bond with their parents or references. 

Strengthens attachment: they feel more safe and secure. 
Improves mental development of the baby.
Beneficia reduces crying sleep patterns, causing a more restful, deep sleep. 
Improves psychomotor development by the movement of the user as it stimulates balance and postural control.

Short and long term: 

Further development of the brain to cognitive and executive level. 
Better maturation of the nervous system.
Best channeling stress. 
And a much stronger bond with the mother than babies who did not perform the method.

To the parents: 

Improvement and encourages breastfeeding.  
Babies have a self-service system and the mother produces milk that your child needs at every moment. 
Strengthens the bond. 
Feeling and total security protection to the baby.
Best Mother postpartum recovery.
Parents who have practiced the kangaroo method feel more confident and prepared to meet the needs of their children.
Freeing hands therefore gaining autonomy and freedom of movement.
The mother is relaxed because your baby is relaxed. (Strain).